The Sexyloops Leader Resource

The Sexyloops Leader Resource

Paul Arden | Monday, 11 December 2017

Viking Lars had an idea yesterday and was a good one. He had the idea that we should start a page on different leader recipes. I'll kick the page off with a couple of "different" formulae that I'm using here in the jungle. As well as the current Snakehead leader I'm using I'm also experimenting with a twisted leader that was shown to me by a Singaporean friend, Qwek. Flavio made one up that was fantastic and so I'll repeat this and post that formula later sometime when I'm in Tasmania.

So please visit our new page here: I know that Lars will be adding some of his leaders shortly. And I'll post up the leader designs I use in NZ backcountry and UK Stillwater next week. Edit: this page will be coming later today. I am currently in boat packing hell. 

Throughout the week I'll be expanding the Flycasting Video Manual with Trick and Speciality Casts. Last week I uploaded the Snap Cast. 

The HTOC competition is hotting up with a few more entries - here is the latest from Graeme: 
Every entry wins a personalised shirt. 

Ashly and I will be flying to Perth, Australia on Wednesday. I'm giving a course with Graeme Hird next weekend and shortly after this I'll be flying on to Tasmania to fish with Hairy, Haysie and friends for a couple of months. Flavio will be joining us for some of this time too. Im looking forward very much to hanging out with these great friends again!

I'll be based in Miena. If you're around please drop in for a beer, coffee, cast with the Hot Torpedo rods or a fish! If you have any old warm clothes then please bring those too Innocent

I'll be really kick starting my triathlon training too - my sister and I have booked into a Half Ironman next September in Lisbon. Busy month that one is going to be too - Sexyloops will be out of the teenage years!!

have a great day/week. I'll create the leader resource later today. 

Cheers, Paul