The next 12 months

The next 12 months

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 8 November 2022

Last weekend I did an Ironman 70.3 in Langkawi and of course the inevitable happened and I decided to do the full 140.6 again, this time next year. I wasn’t sure that this was going to be my decision but I could imagine doubling everything up – all apart from the run. I’m sure that with the training focus, that knowing I will do this event next year gives, I should get fit enough – and the next 70.3 will be a breeze!

The full Ironman can be a pretty painful day but I’m sure there are a few left in this old dog yet :))) There are two things I took away from this event that I really need to change. The first is that I must make much longer training runs here in the tropics. I find it very difficult to run at Zone 2 (which is the low heart rate endurance zone, simply because it’s a tropical climate and I’m not doing enough of it – in Gerik I find anything much over 10K hard work and 15K floors me!).

The second big thing is that I need to work out how to properly “fuel” myself. Energy gels are not what my body wants to eat all day and makes me feel nauseous on the run. Whether this means I have to train myself to do this, experiment with different gels, eat gels only on the run, or eat a cheese sandwich on the bike*, I don’t know yet! There are other things I can do better too, but those two I think are the big ones I’ve taken away from this event. These two will make it possible, the others – improved swimming technique, long rides, frequent Brick seasons – will all make me stronger and faster.

Also I need to carry two spare tubes on the bike and not just one. I had a flat tyre 5K in, and spent the next 85K worrying that another flat would see me out of the race. I had a fun day however and managed to pace myself through it for the first time. I would love to go much quicker but I’m taking baby steps. With the last three 70.3s I blew up on the run, so this one was a huge step forward in the right direction.


And now it’s back to the lake today. This time of year is prime time and if Belum experienced anything like the amount of rainfall that fell on Langkawi on Saturday, then there will be Snakehead and Snakehead Babies everywhere! Fantastic! I’m looking forward to seeing big Snakehead in the boat again and hopefully a few guests visiting as well. From now through to the New Year this is some of the finest, most-consistent, Snakehead fly fishing in Malaysia.

I have a bunch of Zoom fly casting lessons later this week. I’ve been away for the best part of a week and all my students want a lesson :))) Great!!

I currently have space for both guided fishing guests as well as Zoom casting lessons. So drop me an email if you are interested…

The nice thing about Ironman is that it’s always a sort of holiday.

Have a great week!

Cheers, Paul




*I used to eat a cheese sandwich on the bike portion in Hungary. That always got a few smiles. But maybe it’s exactly what my body needs!