(The Missing) Salmon

(The Missing) Salmon

Viking Lars | Saturday, 16 May 2015

I'm not having much luck catching salmon this year. I've not been able to get out and put in some long days, and when it comes to catching salmon, that's probably the most important factor!

And for the last two weeks, every day has been a fight against a Beaufort 5 south-westerly, which doesn't exactly make things better.

But the season has been good so far. My home water, River Varde, isn't doing too well, but that's partly due to very low fishing pressure. River Stor AA has altready closed its quota of large salmon (above 75cm), and so, the fishing pressure has also dropped sonciderably there too. It's unfortunate, but a fact, that most people seem to come to take home a salmon, because once that option is closed, very few people fish.

River Skjern has been fishing quite well with several salmon landed every day since the opening on April 16th, and with a recent full moon, lots of rain, now sun and dropping water levels, I think the next few days will be very good.

I ran into to Bernd on the River SKjern on Monday. Bernd was here with a group of fishermen from Germany, and the ever lovely Marina. I hope they get a salmon or two before they had back home. If time permits, I'll join Bernd again on Monday.

This winter I've tied some classic spey flies for fishing, and I've been swimming them regularly. I have a strong belief in the catching abilities (maybe I shouldn't and that's why I haven't caught anything :-). And although I'd left the classics at home, meeting friends on the river is always a nice opportunity to share some flies, so I gave Bernd and Marina 5 or 6, and Bernd gave me 1 (ONE, Bernd :-).

I hope next week will see me into a salmon, because next week, the mayflies are incoming, and brackish pike are once again open for fishing, so I'll be busy.

Have a great weekend, all!