The Lottery

The Lottery

Viking Lars | Monday, 19 February 2018

I got a message on Facebook yesterday - from Mrs. Sexyloops, becasue Paul has, once again, drowned his phone and needed an emergency front page today. So - Paul's out of reach and I'm covering today.

I spent a great day yesterday in the pontoon boat, searching for the elusive "overspringer". "Overspringer" is Danish for a sea trout that hasn't migrated upriver to spawn, but remains in the ocean. These are the real prizes in sea trout fishing aliong the Scandinavian coastlines.

Conditions are rough, water is cold - usually only 1-3 degrees, often it's windy and it's February (so often windy and near-freezing temepratures). There aren't many of these around and catching one of more than difficult.

But - if you donøt throw in a ticket every now and then, you're never going to get one. They can be everywhere and all over the place, and yet, there are plaves that traditionally yield more "overspringer" than others. Rumours run fast as soon as the first ones are caught (usually after a cold spell followed by slightly milder weather).

I spent most of Saturday grumping over the fact that I *wasn't* out fishing, so I went out yesterday (in colder, more windy weather, but still quite nice for the seas on). Spent a few hours with my good friend, Daniel, paddling over 3-4 good looking spots, and catching nothing, of course. But still - it's a ticket in the lottery and it certainly was nice getting out, casting some line and catching some (cold) winds.

These "real overspringers" are usually caught on the open shore, and not in the shielded inlets and fjords and I just love the rough, open coast - even if it is desolate most of the winter. I need a few "self confidence sea trout", so I thin I'll hit one of the fjords next time where there's a better chance of a trout, even if they usually are smaller.

I expect Paul will be online soon again as I got an email from him yesterday as well, so he's obviously found internet somewhere. If you're expecting an email from him, don't worry of it takes a little longer (than usual).

All for now - have a good day!