The Ladyfish of Langkawi

The Ladyfish of Langkawi

Paul Arden | Monday, 19 April 2021

I was over in Langkawi last week for filming a forthcoming TV show. I had an absolute blast. I’m not going to talk too much about what happened and what I learned because that would spoil the show, right? :)

But what I will say is, man, those fish really know how to run! The biggest we had to the boat were around 5KG and I’m not exaggerating when I say some took 200m of line on the first hectic rush. Luckily I took extra backing!

It was also an absolute pleasure to meet Beq who is the local FFing guide there. Super chap, speaks English fluently, excellent caster and first class fisherman. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in giving him my fullest recommendation.

So when this whole COVID shit is under control and it’s possible to travel again, you may want to tag a few extra days onto a trip, either after or before visiting me in the jungle, or even just go there exclusively. 

When this show is aired I’ll talk some more about the experience. It was very interesting indeed. To be continued...


I’m back in the jungle again, of course.  I’ve been trying to stick a few Gourami. I have to drive down to KL this week for some voice overs (I actually find that very difficult for some reason; the “voice of God” is not what they were expecting.  Go figure), so anyway that’s restricting what I can really do this week in terms of chasing Snakehead in remote parts of the lake. Which is fine. I might hit some Pacu in KL and catch up with the lads, talk bullshit and drink some beer.

If you haven’t ordered a Hot Torpedo then maybe you should think about doing so. When I’m a famous movie star I’ll put the prices up and you won’t be able to afford one. And then you’ll be sorry!

Talking of which we are testing a second rod builder in the EU because I know that some of you guys don’t want to be paying an additional 20-27% VAT on import FFS. Currently we are sticking them down trouser legs but we can only get away with this for so long.

If anyone reading this voted for Brexit then someone has been telling you porkies. We already trade with the rest of the world and I can tell you EU/UK is now a nightmare. It’s far easier to send a rod to NZ, Australia, USA, China, in fact everywhere that isn’t in the EU. 30 Euros VAT exemption threshold!!!

Fortunately for you we have our methods... If you see a man leaving the ferry, who looks like he has two wooden legs, he might be working for us! Alternatively it’s someone who has just shat himself.

So that’s it! Take it easy. Get out there and have some great fun fishing this week. Stick it to them :)