The hopper trout

The hopper trout

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 30 September 2018

I was sitting at the lakeside smoking a cigarette, I was waiting for my next time on the belly boat. Then I saw a trout in the shallow water, not more than 10cm deep. What should a trout do there? And she was not even 5 meters away from me... okay get a rod and hurry! Tying a streamer on and go for it - but she didn't react at all. Damm... she disappear, but after a minute she was already back. Next try with the streamer but still no interest at all. So I changed the fly quickly, I found a big hopper in my box and running back to the water. No trout, no shaddow, game over...

More than just a little bit disappointed I just threw my fly in the lake, only a few meters away from me. The hopper didn't even hit the surface he was already attacked by the trout with a loud "slurp" noise. After lifting up the rod, the fight begun - I burned my fingers because of the dry line and because of fishing with no break I hitted my fingers a few times. Of course nobody, not even my self was pity with me... What a nice trout and for me it was more action than Bruce Willis has in Die Hard Yell

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Maybe the original she was looking for :)