The Gamefair

The Gamefair

Tracy&James | Sunday, 30 July 2023

This weekend James and I are running fly casting competitions at the Ragley Game Fair. It's been a few days of drinking and casting with friends, however we have had a few issues. The first night everyone got hammered so Friday morning was a little chaotic, as James and others were a bit worse for wear. Then our car died on Friday and we had to call the AA – that was fun trying to explain our location in a field by a lake in the middle of nowhere! On Saturday afternoon our marquee blew over, inverted and landed on one of other members marquee and car! Hopefully it didn't do too much damage to them however out marquee will have to be scrapped. It was amusing initially when I saw all the team suddenly run off down the field to our camp site to 'rescue' the marquees whereas I had to stay put to guard the casting gear. So I'm hoping Sunday will be disaster-free.

When you're reading this, we'll be running the last day, though the weather doesn't look too good. Most of the overall championship casters are thinking of casting their events tomorrow morningbefore the rain gets too heavy and the wind too strong. So hopefully I might be able to announce the winners of the Ragley Championship earlier in the day.

This evening, whilst I am writing, we are all drinking and obviously there's a lot of casting. Some of them seem to improve as they drink, then their distance goes a bit downhill. Particularly when the caster can't stand up and walk in a straight line! This evening's comp was won by James when casting against Nick, so clearly Nick needs to up his drinking to James' pace – or maybe not!

Normally James reviews my FP however I've traded him in for a younger model this time as Nick is my reviewer. Next weekend we'll write about the Championship and who won and goes to the grand final in Wales.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, enjoy,



PS – there's normally horses at game fairs, but the zebra was the closest thing!

casting 1

Casting 2

FP302 Bath 3

Casting 4

Casting 5

Casting 6