The Dane Axe

The Dane Axe

Viking Lars | Saturday, 3 June 2017

It's finally here - my Hot Torpedo 10-wt. I ordered it a while back, and then there were a couple of last minute orders and Paul asked if he could push mine back, and since pike was out of season anyway (I'm pretty sure it was all just a character strength test from Paul), it was no problem. But now it's here, and it was of course worth the wait. Perfect craftsmanship from rod building ninja Lee Martell and of course a fantastic and crisp blank from Paul. The new aluminium rod tubes are really beautiful too - and of course the camo rod sock is about as cool as they get.

I haven't even cast it yet (not this one anyway), I have no 10-wt single hand lines. I'll be using this rod for throwing the big stuff at pike as I wrote about a while back, so I'll be ordering a Scientific Anglers Titan Taper, which I really enjoy fishing and casting on my 8-wts.

I will of course be making at least 2 shooting heads for it as well. When it comes to shooting heads and weights, I go from this little table:
4-wt: 10 grams.
5-wt: 12 grams.
6-wt: 14 grams.
7-wt: 16 grams.
8-wt: 18 grams.
9-wt: 20 grams.
10-wt: 22 grams.

All rods can handle both lighter and heavier, depending on style, flies to be cast and preference. Since this is a big-fly-rod, I'll make to short shooting heads first - around 8m, and I'll start at 24grams, as I like to go a little heavy, both on a rod I'm not familiar with and I like a little "overweight" to cast the big flies.

I discussed it with Paul, and he's thrown lots of 27gram competition heads on his, and he says 24 grams might actually be spot on, and I suspect he's right (for once :-). So a floater and an intermediate os first up. I'll be cutting them from old Loop double hand shooting heads, which also sport the front taper needed to turn over big flies, since they're originally made to cast salmon flies on really long (15' +) leaders. I know from experience they'll be great.

I will be cutting sinking shooting heads for it too, not least becasue it casts heavier lines and thus you can get down faster, not least when the line's dragging a huge fly behind it.

Have a great weekend!