The calm after the storm

The calm after the storm

Paul Arden | Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Bernd had another trip to the dentist today and can’t FP because he’s been knocked out. So this will be quite a quick one from me. I’m just back on the Battleship. Once/week I make the drive to town to stock up on provisions of beer, petrol, ice, food and beer. And of course the weekly wash!

Just had an excellent Zoom Cast lesson. I have a few regular clients but this chap is now on his second block of 12 lessons. Lesson number 14. Imagine if you will, someone who was, I think fair to say, average/ish to begin with, having 14x1HR lessons over 7 months, with 3-4 weekly practise sessions in-between. Yay!!!! He’s becoming a seriously first class caster and it’s great to go from foundation level teaching to advanced level skills. These are your dream clients as instructors.

Funny thing though, every single lesson I’ve given him, it’s been raining here. Today was a little unusual because it rained all the way in, while I was travelling up the lake, and not so much during teaching.  He’s in Hong Kong and at least half of our meetings have been postponed because the weather was bucketing down over there. I don’t know what that says about Michael, but him and the weather Gods obviously have something going on!




Some really nice feedback on the HT7 today, from Texas…

“To start with, the 6 and 7 SL HT's are my favorite casting rods in their respective line weights I've ever had the pleasure to cast.  I have become a better caster, for sure and I'm totally hooked to the line speed they generate.  I could literally cast them all day for fun.  I am genuinely disturbed and grateful about how much you nailed the design…

“Got the 7 weight... holy lord almighty.  What an animal, but exceptional in close.  I mean it's really, really impressive at all distances.  It does, at first, make me think it should be using a 7.5 wt... but I threw everything from a small bonefish fly to a 6" beadchain seaducer and the line speed is so fantastic it doesn't need it.  This is not a medium fast rod that requires mass in the line to move the fly, this is a rod that should stay snappy and poppy and use line speed to get the job done.  It will probably replace my 8 weight…

“This is just too much fun haha.  Thanks for making such incredible casting tools - I truly have enjoyed the process of developing using those rods.  So grateful that you convinced me to give them a shot!”

Well that makes me happy :)))

Alrighty, Martyn tomorrow!

Cheers, Paul