The Board

The Board

Paul Arden | Saturday, 23 November 2019

The Board is one of the central hubs of Sexyloops. Let’s face it, discussion forums don’t currently have the popularity that they used to have. Facebook and social media has been in a large part responsible for this. While I use FB for business I really don’t like all the data collection, profiling and intrusiveness that it involves - if I could avoid it I would - but sadly we can’t.

Also, I can’t really see the point of spending hours discussing something like fly fishing or flycasting when the advice or discussions there have a very short shelf life, a limited audience and are unsearchable. It’s a totally different format of course and not one suitable for long or technical discussions - which is probably a good thing because they know enough about us already!

I like the idea that a discussion that we have on the Sexyloops Board conceivably will by read by someone in a hundred years from now, potentially enhancing his fishing and casting enjoyment. In years to come they’ll be talking about Viking Lars and was he really a Viking?

Of course he is and he’s pillaging right now over in Sweden, which is why I’m covering the FP slot at short Viking notice :D

We actually have some pretty good discussions on the Board at the moment...

Knot problems in the tropics.

ICSF - it’s a long one but when casting competitors get together they like to have conversations as long as their carry...

The Dreaded Dangle and Cure...

A discussion about teaching and correcting tailing loops...

And much more besides. If your are not a member and would like to join in the fun then drop me an email on and I will register you today. And then login and start a topic! 

I hope that you are having a fun weekend. I’m in the Big Shitty tomorrow for a casting competition, I have to stay there for two days and then I’m back on the lake. Can’t wait!