The Board

The Board

Paul Arden | Monday, 14 December 2015

Anyone can join in, but we prefer it if you are mad, funny, male or female, fishing is your number one passion in life, you don't have to like casting but you will come to love it, are one of life's includers, and preferably here in life to make friends - and fish as much as possible of course.

The Internet gives a few people scope to be wankers, even more than Donald Trump. We don't put up with that and for us we are all equal.

The Board is like walking into a Bar. This is the kind of bar where you shake everyone by the hand on entry. I'm serving the drinks - hell I'm actually a barman at the moment so that's easy and the drinks are awesome, especially my Pina Colada which comes with a free floating Jungle Dun as an optional accessory.

This is the Board.

This week I'll be in the Philippines. I managed to forget Ashly's birthday last June - didn't really forget it as such - only was in a different time zone at the time, and an ex-boyfriend of hers - who was in the same time zone - wished her happy birthday before me. Consequently for my birthday present she is taking me on a Philippines Island holiday. I still haven't worked out if this is to kill me, make me feel bad or just to have an awesome time. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it!

I'll be 45!!!!!!!

Of course since God doesn't subtract the days from your life that are spent fishing, in real terms I'm actually only around 9 years old. Happy days!

It's been good fun to run a bar this past few weeks. I love meeting people and mostly I play my own music, well not what I would normally listen to on my boat - I don't think Tor Tambra is ready for Motorhead or Skunk Anansia, but Blues and Rock. Occasionally I do requests. One night we had an Abba night and I had to apologise to all the other guests.

So packing today. I have to pack all my imaginary SW fishing stuff. I have no idea if there will be any fish where we're going, but I intend to find out.

Have an fun week.

Cheers, Paul

PS The project I announced last week is coming on well. Turns out I have to write a small book.