The Backlash Technique

The Backlash Technique

Andy Dear | Monday, 9 August 2021

Years ago... in 1990 to be exact I worked for a large retail chain, whose location here in San Antonio was managed by a fellow named George Blasing. George hired me to work in the hunting and fishing department, which was of course right up my alley.

  George was probably the best boss I ever had, and beyond that, he became a great friend that I still keep in touch with to this day. When the aforementioned retail chain closed, George ran several successful businesses, and at one point tried his hand at professional Bass fishing. He relayed a story to Jackson and I a while back about how during a fishing trip to Lake Amistad, he decided to set his rod down and relieve himself while his lure was still in the water. Upon picking up his rod, he discovered there was a 10 lb Bass tethered to the lure that had been sitting idle while he was otherwise occupied.

  One might think that this was a happy accident, but several recent experiences have proved otherwise. Two years ago, I was fishing an unweighted soft plastic jerk bait ona clear hill country lake, when I had to momentarily stop fishing for about 45 seconds to reposition the boat in order to avoid a head on collision with a large tree. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a large silver flash that turned out to be a HUGE Largemouth...well over 8 pounds that had eaten my motionless bait. Unfortunately, I was a little late on the hookset and ended up losing that monster. Then, last December Jackson landed a 7lb 8oz beast while his lure sat idle in the water for a good 2 minutes while he picked a backlash out of his reel. That very same day not two hours later on the SAME LAKE, our fishing buddy Bill Fetech experienced the same phenomenon, except the fish that inhaled his stagnant lure was well over 8 pounds.

  Then yesterday on our first angling trip in several months, as if the fishing Gods were continuing to teach us a lesson we still had not learned, Jack caught two Bass within an hour that both ate a motionless lure while he untangled a backlash out of his baitcasting reel. This experience has become so common, we jokingly refer to it as the backlash if somehow it was a purposeful presentation, born out of what otherwise is one of the nightmares of the conventional tackle angler.  

 As you are all aware, fly reels aren't prone to this type of "professional overrun" simply because the reel serves virtually no purpose in the cast or the presentation of the lure. However, a very valuable lesson can be learned from our conventional tackle counterparts.


Hope you are all having a great week,