The Art & Science of Fly Fishing

The Art & Science of Fly Fishing

Tim Kempton | Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Paul Arden - ever the inventor!
I have fished with Paul in many places throughout the world. We fished the Gacka river in Croatia, the Ribnik and Pliva Rivers in Bosnia, the Brown trout part of the Varzina River in the Kola Penninsular in Russia, and of course Lake Temmengor in Malaysia. He is a 24/7 fly fisherman.

Paul has some pet hates. One is fluorocarbon leader and tippet because it takes millions of years to degrade. The other is the waste of terminal tackle and flies when flies get stuck in trees, or streamers that get stuck in snags. It's no so much the cost, albeit significant, but it’s the environmental damage caused by lost flies that causes Paul to start muttering in some incomprehensible lingo that I'm sure he has learnt from his nightly chats to the Gourami gods.

So what to do?

He tried all sorts of retrievers and devices. He started to invent his own fly retriever that the conscientious angler could carry with them. The device had to be simple, extendable and portable. He was mid design when perchance he happened across a patented lure retriever that would solve all the problems associated with hooked up flies and streamers.

It is called the LureTreever. It extends to 30’ and comes in a convenient easy to carry 10lb backpack. A great bit of kit for all conscientious fly fisherman. So where to from here. Initially Paul was somewhat despondent that his idea had already been cast to the market. The early bird had caught the fly! However, being the generous soul that he is, Paul is referring all enquiries to LureTreever.
So - no more lost flies, no more expense, and whats more, no more cluttering the environment with lost flies.  Winner all round. For more information about this device see

1. How to use the LureTreever

2. LureTreever backpack

Paul says “just when you have a great idea it turns out that someone has had it already and perfected it. Of course with proper training your backcast should be really high. So hopefully Luretreever Mark 2 will come with a 20 meter handle and a bigger backpack.”