Andy Dear | Thursday, 3 December 2020

The annual Thanksgiving trip to Indianola is in the books, and I’m now back in the land of reliable internet connections. In all honesty though, one of the things I love about Indianola is its remoteness and lack of modern amenities. I guess when the town was wiped off the map by two hurricanes back in the late 1800s, the locals decided it might be a good idea to find somewhere a little less prone to bearing the brunt of mother nature’s wrath.

  This trip….like this entire year was a little bit different.  For the last several weeks we’ve been plagued by extremely high tides as well as unusually high winds.  Wednesday morning however found Powderhorn Lake COMPLETELY slicked off like a mirror. The forecast called for calm conditions until about 10 am, so Jack and I slid the kayaks in at day break and proceeded to pound the flats for anything that would bite. Powderhorn historically has been one of our premier Redfish spots, but this trip, the Redfish were nowhere to be found. The Speckled Trout however were so thick in there you could almost walk across their backs. From dawn until about 9 we landed fish after fish, but the downside being that there wasn’t much size to them.

  Shortly after 9am we decided to head back to the launch, which by now was well over a mile away.  I swear to you, not 5 minutes after we started back, the predicted cold front hit. In a matter of about 2 minutes, the temperature dropped about 15 degrees, and the wind went from 5mph to about 20mph.  To say it was miserable would be a monumental understatement. We paddled back into the teeth of that norther for a good 30 minutes before we made it back to the launch.  Twenty years ago I would have enjoyed the challenge, not to mention the mild risk to life and limb in conditions like this. At 50 however, all I wanted was a hot shower, a cup of coffee, and a nap.

  The good part about the gale force winds is that it did force us to explore some spots that under calm conditions we probably wouldn’t have otherwise.  I’ve wanted to probe the darker reaches of Coloma Creek and Old Town Lake for a year now, and both show tremendous potential for top water action with the long rod this coming summer.  As a matter of fact, when I mentioned Old Town Lake to my good friend Captain Freddy Lynch, he reminisced about catching Redfish out of the mouth of Old Town when he was a youngster.

 So, while I would describe our trip as somewhat uneventful from a fishing standpoint,  I do feel grateful that were all healthy and were able to spend the holiday together.

Hope this Front Page finds all of you safe and healthy,