Terry the Tilapia

Terry the Tilapia

Paul Arden | Monday, 30 January 2017

This week's 5 Mins of Fly Fishing is again slightly more than 5 minutes (but hey, what can I say? Fly fishers have no sense of time). It involved Terry the Tilapia (caught on a woolly bugger), some casting sequences, the Bimini Twist, a hell of a lot of rain and some Jungle Perch fishing on Poppers. Sometimes the fishing is hard!

A few years back I had a run-in with another American President in his 70s. This time it was the president of the FFFCICP. I spent some considerable time trying to understand this strange man who had little concept of a world outside the USA and imagined South Korea to be a second or even third world country. South Korea has the 11th highest GDP and is expensive by anyone's pocket, and yet he still managed to equate the living costs to Hungary or Serbia. Then it dawned on me, that here was a person of a similar age to my mother, but who had grown up in the bountiful American 50s, largely untouched by the Second World War, at a time when Europe was rebuilding itself - my mother grew up with post-war rationing for example, yet in the USA it was America's time - everyone was happy, the economy was booming... can you imagine being born into this bubble? 

Anyway, this weekend I'll be in Thailand. Hopefully the Snakehead will be more cooperative before then. Loving the fishing at the moment and I can't get enough!