Tent or hammock?

Tent or hammock?

Viking Lars | Saturday, 10 November 2018

That’s the big question these days, isn’t? Paul uses hammocks in the jungle (when he’s not sleeping in the boat), and TZ uses the same hammocks.

I’ve always been partial to tents. I had the very small one-man-tent for a while, and it was nice, but there were issues, especially in colder weather. Because of the small space inside, it built up a lot of condensed water on the inside, and with limited space, you’d often hit the fly with the sleeping bag. So I bought a two-person MSR tent (for two persons who are really good friends or even closer related :-). It’s fine for one person, and offers a lot of advantages. More space, room to sit up, less condensation and just marginally more weight.

I still have that tent of course, and I still love it (in the PoD).

But I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I need a hammock. The main reason I’ve stayed away from hammocks as shelter for the night is the fact that I sleep on both sides and my back, and it’s just recently dawned on me that you can actually sleep on your side in modern hammocks. And with an under quilt you’re in the cold periods and even off the ground.

I like the thought of being off the ground, and I also like the though of not being dependant on finding (at least relatively) level and un-muddy ground for the tent - providing of course that you can find two suitable trees.

So - I’m looking into to hammocks, and I’ve of course looked at the Laws hammocks Paul uses, a friend has recommended another and now you! If anyone has any experience, good recommendations or otherwise, please let me know on the Board!

Have a great weekend,