Teaching on the lake

Teaching on the lake

Paul Arden | Monday, 17 February 2020

I’ve just spent the last five days teaching a complete fly fishing beginner here in the jungle. Obviously this is always going to be a tough place to learn to fly fish! In fact I doubt that there is anywhere harder. But we had plenty of time to learn fly casting, cover tackle, leaders, knots and even tie a fly!

The lake is just starting to get going, fishing wise. Shots were a bit limited with 2-3 sets of babies per day and some interesting Gourami activity. I think unfortunately only one Gourami got to see Robbe’s fly and that spooked before it landed.


I didn’t actually expect Robbe to hook a Snakehead and had told him this before he came so he was under no illusion. However one snakehead looked at the fly, another chased and a third actually ate but unfortunately managed to unhook itself in a stump about half way through an intense battle.


I’ve had very experienced fly fishers come here for a week and not manage this level of success first time. So Rabbe actually did remarkably well. And he has a pretty decent cast now - one that’s certainly good enough to go pike and perch fly fishing in Belgium.


I got to throw at one set of babies and of course hooked and landed the fish first cast! So 100% record for me :D This week I’ll be back on the lake probably for 4 days of fishing by myself. I have a few things to do before the Battleship arrives; I have a triathlon coming up soon (April) and at the end of this month a fly fishing show in Terengganu... but I also have to go fishing!


Oh and one night I nearly lost Robbe. There was a miscommunication and Robbe followed me along my shoreline and not along the opposite side and so when I went looking for him he wasn’t where I expected. A huge rainstorm came and I figured he was back at camp, but when I got back there myself he wasn’t. Oh no!!!


Thankfully Robbe was smart enough not to leave the bay and I found him close to where we had separated. I’m ordering some really high quality marine walkie-talkies - the best. I’ve done the research and I know exactly what I need! Losing a client in the jungle wouldn’t be good :D


Incidentally I’m pretty sure that I heard a deep rumbling noise that could only have been a tiger. That’s only the second time I’ve heard one. It certainly raises the small hairs on your body! And that’s being on a boat; I can only imagine how much more intense that feeling would be if you were standing deep in the forest.


Have a great week!


Cheers, Paul