Tan Lines

Tan Lines

Tracy&James | Sunday, 25 July 2021

The current weather here in Wales is great for sunbathing but not too good for fishing or casting. I went past the river in the week, on my return from a business meeting. The river was busy with people cooling off and generally enjoying themselves with all sorts of inflatables. Whether they should have been there is perhaps debateable, however I can’t really blame them given the near 30 degree C temperatures. I didn’t have the patience to wait until they left to fish though I suspect the fishing could have been quite good as darkness fell. I suspect for the remainder of the school holidays I’m going to head for the more out of the way beats just to make sure I don’t have to dodge kids riding blow-up white unicorns down the river.

Casting practice has also been very tough this week.  I’m back to targeting 120ft as a great cast rather than the 130ft that I’ve been targeting lately.  That said, 130ft is now some way short of the mark being set in the virtual competition that’s running – here 140ft seems to be the norm and you’re going to have to hit over 150ft to be in with a chance of winning.  Insane distances for casting a #5 line.

The weather is due to break sometime in the week, hopefully with some good thunderstorms – I quite enjoy watching a lightning show.  As such, I plan to get out on the casting field again once the wind fixes in the prevailing direction, rather than just clocking round in circles as it’s currently doing.  It’s been so bad on my usual casting field lately that often Tracy and I put a tape out and then within minutes we’re casting at 90 degrees to it.

The BFCC calendar has now been fixed for the remainder of the year.  The next meeting is in Derbyshire, followed by Cheshire and then the season finale in Essex.  I’m sure Tracy will be writing a FP with more details sometime soon.  With 5 events in total for the year the championship can be awarded – this requires a participant to enter at least two events.  Therefore you still have a chance of winning the overall BFCC casting championship if you can get to a couple of the remaining events.  

Hopefully a bit of rain will also liven up the rivers, so perhapsnext week we’ll have some fishing to report on rather than just saying my summer tan is coming along nicely.

Have a great week,