Tails of the unexpected

Tails of the unexpected

Martyn White | Saturday, 4 May 2019

A couple of weeks ago, I'd never have thought of swinging streamers as a viable option for carp on fly. It's almost the opposite of everything I've learned targeting carp on the fly; fishing blind instead of sighting targets, feeling the line rip out of your fingers instead of watching the fish to hit the eat before the fish spits the fly.

But last weekend I made a discovery while fishing for maruta, a sea running species of Japanese cyprinid. The run has been a bit late this year but they eventually appeared in numbers and blasted straight up the Tamagawa to spawn. The main way of fishing for maruta is a swung fly, similar to how you'd fish for salmon. 


This year I caught a grand total of zero maruta, but on 2 separate days I caught multiple carp on a red streamer being swung on a sink tip. The first fish I assumed was some kind of fluke, then 2 casts after the release the line zipped away and another nice carp took off down stream.  I'm quite excited about this as it might well make some fish that are too difficult to get close to much more catchable. Its definitely going to be interesting to explore the applications of a technique that runs counter to everything I've read or heard about carp on fly. 

It just shows that we shouldn't get too fixed in our ways or dogmatic about methods.