Super strong tying thread - yes or no?

Super strong tying thread - yes or no?

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 8 July 2018

I'm addicted of tying streamer, that means most of the time big hooks and much material. When I started to tie a lot with bucktail I ended up with some strong multi-fiber thread which gave me the possibility to tie tight and for a long time. I've need the power of the thread to tie tight enough and to have that quality I want to have. I had many different threads, flat waxed nylon or something else but I ended up with GSP from Veevus. A nice, strong and not so expensive thread from Denmark. Just perfect for my use, they produce it in different "strength" between 50D and 250D only in black and withe. I'don't use colored thread anyway because I don't like to see thread in my flies and the thin 50D is still strong but also enough thin for a dry. Really cool, stuff I'm totally happy, no broken thread at all and all the material is sitting there where it should!

I think it's now nearly a year or more I haven't been using something else than this Veevus thread, now I see the "dark side" of it. I need more bobbin holders because I just use to much power and destroy some of them :) and it's really cool to have some "normal thread" from time to time where the material don't slips in any directions. So here my feedback to that different ultra-strong multi string tying thread:

  • enough power
  • ultra slim 
  • flat instead of round
  • easy splitting 
  • nearly not visible 

  • not cheap
  • slippery
  • not many different colors
  • gives you a ruff tying style

So I'm happy with it and will continue to tie with it but I need some change from time to time and more money for bobbin holders Laughing

Have a nice sunday!