streaking caddis

streaking caddis

t.z. | Friday, 22 December 2017

I am very busy writing "Fly Tying" which will be released on iBooks (iTunes) January 2018. I work about 12 hours a day on the project. Tying, filming and writing. Fly Tying will be a multimedia release which can be read on iPad, iPhone & Mac computers.

The last 2 weeks I must have tied about 5 million flies or so, filmed several gigabytes of material and took a bunch of stills ... all of that will be condensed down to 80 pages and 18 essential pattern for the trout & grayling fly fisher. It's great fun working on the iBook, which has become a true sexyloops project. There's a global team proofreading and commenting.

To relax from all the fly tying & editing I tied some more. About 2 dozen streaking caddis for example ... that's a lot of deer hair flying around.

.... deer hair dresser project

I used Dyneema 165 thread for the wing. The deet hair clump goes on in one go. Key is to pul hard, and some more. The hair used makes a huge difference.





Happy Holidays! 


Hook: bUtchers-hook™ by Partridge of Redditch size 100/0

Material: a reindeers head including antlers from a young reindeer, strong wire

Tools: Medallion Regal Vise with the new superHuuuge™ jaws

Obtaining material can be a bit difficult. The pattern is solely based on late season Roadkill. Speeding on the small side roads in Northern Norway in winter can expedite the process to a great extent. The time of the day does not matter, it is f… (sorry, excuse my French) dark 24/7 anyway. Take an axe and a sharp knife. Tying process is rather straight forward and has been in practice since the middle ages. Just take that hook and ram ….. (censored)

 The pictures may give a wrong impression about the dimensions.