Still Improving

Still Improving

Tracy&James | Thursday, 5 December 2019

This is the first year I have had several casting competitions in the UK with other female casters and not just been the sole lady amongst the men. I am hoping 2020 continues in the same thread with perhaps more of the girls casting at the same event so we can start working together in preparation for the next Worlds in September.

I’ve been competition casting for over a decade and whereas a few years back I was happy to cast a 5# over 90ft, I have worked on my technique with some great advice from my coach (James obviously) and others associated with the BFCC, and can now cast frequently over 120ft. Although this year I did not achieve this in competition, and only exceeded 115ft on three occasions (I did however cast 128ft with a 7#).

I found that during 2019 I was more successful in the other BFCC distance events and extended all my other BFCC records during the year; albeit three (ST27, S55g and T120) at the Jersey Meeting where we experienced very strong winds (somewhat reminiscent of Millom). Casting at the first UK Championship was also a great experience and I’m really looking forward to competing in the next one in June.

To achieve these distances has taken lots (and lots) of practice on fields and over water, working on haul speed and timing, and other aspects of my technique. I’m happy that I’m still improving and feel that there’s more to come, so I’ll be doing lots of casting over the winter months to work out some habitual faults that I have. Although I am hoping that some casting will actually be on the river Dee targeting grayling.

Looking forward to 2020, I have set myself some targets, to achieve another 120+ft cast with a 5# at a competition event, improve my accuracy score and to continue to break more records.