spring update vol 3

spring update vol 3

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 7 May 2021

I just took part in webinar. It was about our trout. There is big project going around our local trout. This time there are partners from Russia also. That is important because our trout is spawning in Finland and growing up in Russia. So I give short update what’s going around that and fishery. It is only 3 weeks before season is starting.

Last autumn there was inquiry what we fishermen are thinking about trout and fishery in our rivers. Today they told result about that. There was not really news for me. I was quite sure how fishermen wants to improve fishery in the area. And they do, that was great news. They want to protect trout more and have tighter regulations about hooks, fish size and what you can kill. In fact same issues where around grayling also. So for me it was something what I have heard and seen happening around and how we fishermen wants to regulate fishing.

Of course you can say that each can do it now allready, that is really bad approach for subject. It only means that ”water owners” don’t want to make decission and it is up to fisherman to use more strict rules than are written. There are more and more public pressure around getting better rules for fishery in our rivers. For example mid-size, so there would be min and max, you can take fish from between that or that barbless hooks must and there are limited amount also in lures.

There are good things going around and I just hope that it will go in practise also. They had also short info what is going on around damn business. There are great plan around that. Matti, he is man behind, has great co-operative skills and he had got some good results around communication between partners. So everything is looking good. Fundraising has been on about 2 weeks and there is little bit over 100k euro allready. It is not much kind of but still it is. It is good start. They are still developing systems how people can easily donate. I hope there will be paypal, mobilepay and pivo also coming up. That way my guests can easily donate if they want. I will still give 10% from my guiding in this season.

There is heavy snowing coming on Friday. Forecast is that it could be even 30 cm new snow. And next week it should easily over +10 celsius. So spring is just behind corner and summer just behind of that.

Now I’m going with Satu and open the gates from corral. So reindeer can start to roam during the night in the areas where new baby reindeer are born. Our reindeer year is starting same time with summer fishing season.

have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland