Spring is here!

Spring is here!

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 15 April 2018

Finally spring also arrived in Switzerland, the birds are sining their song in the morning and the mushrooms are growing again. Also fishing starts really slowly... there is still a lot of water from the melting snow and when we walked to the water we had to stopp for some morels, so we went home with something delicious but no fish.


The small stream in front of our house has also some nice little fish in it and they're already chasing a streamer.


And the good thing if you have a friend with a fishpond, you can as many fish as you like until your food on the grill is ready... maybe he won't invite us again because I just didn't stopp fishing but it was a lot of fun to catch these quite nice rainbows, and even a carp was on the line :)