Soon, maybe...

Soon, maybe...

Tracy&James | Thursday, 14 May 2020

Well I’ve finally cracked and started using the strip of mown grass opposite my house for casting practice. Since moving back to Wales I’ve avoided using this common area as it’s in full view of my neighbours and, quite frankly, I’ve felt a bit self-conscious about using it for throwing fly lines about. However the Covid-19 lockdown has forced me to re-evaluate things; perhaps some initial embarrassment of having to explain why I was fishing on the grass and not in the river 200 metres away was worth it. As things have turned out no-one has batted an eyelid – perhaps by now they’re used to stuff getting a bit weird.

The area is perfect for accuracy practice and I’ve been doing quite a lot of this.  I’m definitely noticing an improvement and I hope this will be reflected in my scores once competitive casting starts up again.  The key thing that has upped my score is developing a dead vertical casting stroke and really concentrating on casting the line right over the tip of the rod.  This ensures that any counterflex is purely up/down and, as such, any waves sent down the line as a result of the rod’s rebound does not throw the ‘fly’ off to the side.  That said, it is a bit disconcerting at times seeing the dangling end heading right for my face, a hazard that would be unacceptable if I was using an actual fly, but something I’ll put up with when using fluff only.  I’ve only been practicing with the inner bullseye rings (that score 5) and I know this tends to be easier than having the 3 rings on each target, but I’m fairly optimistic that with a few more weeks repetition, I’ll lock in to a better technique.  I have felt a re-occurrence of some mild elbow pain this week though, so I have to be careful about not getting carried away with the time spent casting.

Today Angling Cymru (apparently the governing body for fishing in Wales) has issued a statement saying that the Welsh Assembly have agreed to allow angling to restart.  As with all things ‘political’ the fine details are a bit sketchy but hopefully this means that Tracy and myself will be able to fish soon, rather than just going on fish-spotting walks.  

So things are looking up unless of course the next inevitable spike in Covid cases forces another lockdown.

So perhaps next week I’ll have some fishing to talk about.  If your fishing season is just about to start, or has just started, then I hope it’s one worth waiting for.

All the best, James