Some good discussions!

Some good discussions!

Paul Arden | Thursday, 23 January 2020

I’m filling in for James and Tracy this week. It’s Chinese New Year which means Malaysia has gone crazy! Don’t attempt to travel anywhere at this time of year because you won’t be able! Indeed if you do have to be somewhere then consider walking. It is a good time of year for fireworks however, so that’s something exciting.

Over on the Board we have some great discussions. This is because we have New Blood. The average life cycle of an active Board Member is somewhere between 5 and 8 years. A few people, such as myself and Lasse, are immortal. However immortality is pretty rare, even on Sexyloops and so it’s important that we have a regular influx of new members.

So if you are an interesting person who enjoys fly fishing and discussing fishing and/or fly casting and fancy a brief spell of immortality then drop me an email and I’ll log you in as a Board member. Really - we want to hear from you! The Board is a massive hub of information - “a minefield of information” no less, and the only way to grow that field is by asking questions.

Anyway here are a few recent discussions:

Backcast trajectory (and grip):

Stroke Length and Style:

Barbs vs Barbless

And there are lots more. Often discussions merge in interesting ways. And to make the most sense of them you need to be following them regularly. I live in a different time zone to virtually everyone else and so the first thing I do in the day is check the Board. I then drop in a few times throughout the day to follow what’s going on. (Assuming that I have Internet of course and am not deep in the jungle).

I would hazard a guess than 90% of what I’ve learned about fly casting I have learned through the Board.

I’m hoping that the Sexyloops Battleship is on the lake at the end of the month. We are pretty close now. My mum is visiting at the beginning of February for a week, so a tour of the jungle is the plan! And then I have my first guest soon after that who wants to learn flyfishing.

As of the beginning of February I’ll be living on the lake again properly. I’ve had a couple of months of “organising” and it’s been really useful to have regular Internet. But I didn’t come to Malaysia to start sleeping indoors!!

My year of teaching and hosting on the lake is starting to fill up. March is flat out. April and May are starting to look busy too! If you are interested in a trip over here, learning about how to catch some of the most challenging and most thoroughly interesting fish on the planet then drop me an email:

Have a great weekend!

Gong Xi Fa Cai.


PS today’s POD shows the natural monkey grip.