Social Media Addiction In Fly Fishing

Social Media Addiction In Fly Fishing

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Crazy and it seems to get worse all the time!

When I was quite young I realized to have a desire to become recognized in fly fishing. Well, fly fishing already was what I loved. At that time I started writing articles about fly fishing for a German fly fishing magazine. Over the years I published a serious number of articles in that magazine. Always it felt pretty good to me to see my pictures (usually presenting a nice catch) in that magazine.

Never I did write any articles when I didn't feel to really have something interesting to share with the readers. So I also had a lot of fishing trips without making any article or publishing any information about it. I think it was excellent this way!

Many things did change since those days and today we have all the social media like facebook, instagram, youtube and many more.

I don't know why obviously so many of us fly fishermen have the desire to get recognized for having caught whatever they have caught. Truth is, we have killed some of the best fishing spots in almost no time for just getting a piece of recognition. Overfishing often started by publishing one's catches in social media has spread thru our world.

Most interesting to me it is, how many hours per day many of us are willing to invest in liking pictures on social media to then get likes ourselves. Yes, I am probably no different here.

Luckily I always spent way more time fishing as I did on social media! For a fair number of fly fishermen this obviously is exactly opposite. A single picture presenting their catch needs to be published in upto over 50 different social media places. Personally I very much dislike to see the same picture over and over again and try to avoid this for myself.

Well, I decided to keep on concentrating on fishing in order to become a better fly fishermen in the first place. Social media for me will always be far behind!

I have to say though, that I don't want to know how many fishing hours I gave away for creating my website and my social media accounts as they are today. Because in the end the only thing that matters is self respect. I don't need social media to know, if I am good in fly fishing or not.

Of course for my business social media are a must have today. And that's fine. It is also fun for me to share happiness about catching fish, making a long cast or tying a new fly. Great inspiration I get from all you fine fishermen sharing your fly fishing life with me!

That aside maybe I sometimes need to control not to give away too much of my fishing time in social media, because that time will never come back... 95% fishing and 5% social media should be a rate never to overcome for me!?

How much of your fishing time do you spend in social media?

Great fishing week to all of you!

All my best


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