Snowshoe! A awesome material

Snowshoe! A awesome material

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 17 September 2017

Yeah, just got a new delivery of a friend who lives in the upper part of Switzerland - there where the big mountains and the rabbits are. Because we have in a few parts of our country still a big population of them they it's allowed to hunt for them. I'm lucky that my friend gave me the show-shoes - in top quality.

For flytying the hair between the toes is the best, this hair is really stiff and ultra-uv activ, and it don't absorbe so much water like other hair. Of course, the rabbit don't like wet feets in the snow. 

And by the way, they are delicious to eat :)

I'll be back with some fly's soon - just have to wash and clean them a little bit. 

Best Daniela