Smashed Potatoes

Smashed Potatoes

Ray | Friday, 19 June 2015

This is kind of a mess, a bit of smashed potatoes, with some bacon, fish and music. I've been busier than a three peckered rooster in a hen house. but may have gotten things sorted out. thank you Harps.. and of course thank you to "he who will never shave again"

I am going to keep this short, however it is a bit of a smashed potatoes thing, there is a lot of stuff that I have to cover. And it’s kind of smashed up and hopefully with pictures.


The Craig Montana Caddis Festival was a blast in the rain, and I had the great honour of meeting a group of Wounded Warriors on a Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing trip. They were guided and set up camp out of the Wolf Creek Anglers Outfitters.




Then Tiana and I got to sort of wipe a life list event off the slate, we traveled to the Can/US border in the Flathead Valley this is the north fork of the Flathead river a river that I have wanted to visit since I was a young kid. And I caught a cutthroat, not just any Cutty but a North Fork of the Flathead River Cutty!! I will post one picture of the fish, and save the real adventure story for when we do a multli day trip



Then after that we knocked another one off the life list we got to see the Rolling Stones live in concert.. Man I wonder how great Keith Richards could have been if he had not been held up by that twitchy lead singer!! (J/K)


First day of the 2015 Fly Fishing Season started with out a bear incident, hmm maybe we broke the curse and will be bear free this year, but just in case I now have the industrial sized Bear spray..