Small stream access

Small stream access

Viking Lars | Saturday, 13 October 2018

I just gained access to fish a new, little stream that I've never fished before. And when I say little, I mean little. It's probably less that 3 feet across in average, and to be honest, I didn't think much of it. I've seen it, crossed it and driven over small bridges going else where several times.

But then recently, I had an excavation not far from this little stream, and I decided to take a short walk along it after work one day. To begin with I was really surprised with the water quality. The water was a clear as can be expected from any stream in Denmark this time of year (we really have very few "crystal clear" waters in DK). The stream was full of healthy plant growth and plenty of small bends and turns, gravel beds, small riffles, small pools and generally inviting runs.

I sat down for a while and quickly saw that there was even a little hatch of sedge flies going on (not sure of the species, 12-13mm long, light brownish - who can tell them apart anyway?). I saw one fish rise, and it wasn't a small fish - looked like a good sized fish of around 12-14 inches. I watched for a while, but it didn't show itself again. I crept forward and managed a glimpse of the fleeing fish as it took off - a nice looking trout. Now I know that 12-14 inches isn't huge, but huge is hardly to be expected in such a small stream, and then again, I know that if I spend enough time there, there will be bigger ones in there.

I did bring a 7'7" 5-wt the next day, and of course it turned out that I didn't have time to fish it after work. None the less, I *really* look forward to slowly stripping a medium sized streamer though a few bends and pools on this little gem of a river. It's not easy fishing these minute streams, and with just a little wind, even hitting the river with a fly and leader can be the challenge.

So - that prompted an inventory of the Bugger Box, because let's face it: "...slowly stripping a medium sized streamer" usually means a Wooly Bugger - for me at least. And I don't want to pull huge Wooly Buggers through such a small stream, so I a quick inventory was needed. Now there's more than enough in there, but I'm still going to tie up some new ones. I got a nice hen cape a while back, dyed black, and the feathers are long and slender, so they'll be perfect for palmer hackles on small Woolly Buggers. I don't mind cock hackles, but I do like the fuller, softer hen hackles better.

I might tie a couple of small Mickey Finns as well and I'll probably torture myself with a couple of traditional March Browns as well (those hen pheasant slip wings take practice, and right now, I'll probably need 5 attempts set set a decent looking wing). And of course I'll bring the NC spider box as well. It's far from tradition with those flies, but backing one or two of those through a small stream pool can be deadly.

Have a great weekend!