small moves makes a big difference

small moves makes a big difference

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 5 August 2022

You take it on your hand. Thumb is on upper side, it feels kind of soft. You squeeze harder, no that is too hard and it doesn't feel so good anymore. So you take firm and gentle grip around it. Yes, that feels soooo good now.

You turn wrist little bit and try different grips. You put front finger quite front of it underneath, feels good. You shake it little, it response nicely. You sense that it has power. Little bigger shake with wrist, you look at it and it just looks longer and longer. Little bit stronger shake, you feel how the whole thing is reacting.

You make longer move to backwards and at the same time you turn your wrist so thumb is turning more to the ears side from up/pointing back. Hand moves forward and then back, back is showing back like it should be. You do it again, and when going forward, you see how white is launching from tip and it just goes and goes, now you have turned your wrist so thumb is pointing up.

Your trajectory is not horizontal, you have target in front of you from some distance and somewhere behind up to sky mirror target. Trajectory of tip is between those targets. You make small twist with wrist and tracking is much better. Yeah baby, that is so tight and sexy loops now. Fly is landing on target just little bit up from rise you saw earlier.

You open your eyes and start to twiddle rod on your hand. It feels good and like made for you. It is your partner for coming day. It is time to go fishing

So sorry perverts if you were disappointed, it is about fly fishing and sexyloops. That small twist/turn on your wrist while casting gives you so much more that you could imagine. Well you probably knew it allready, if not contact your instructor or start conversations at the board.

I will be guiding next days and hopefully go fishing with suprise guest who came to visit from Norway.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing
Mika the Legend