Paul Arden | Monday, 6 July 2015

It's been a while since I've edited video for SLTV - Sexyloops Technical Voodoo - but it's time to have another shot at this. My life right now is on that borderline broke point, as it usually is. Maybe more so than usual because I can't even afford to live in Eastern Europe at the moment! But I don't work, so I think that would explain it. And so I'm going to live in the jungle - and really! I'm going to take up a subsistence sort of lifestyle, eating fish and jungle leaves, fending off snakes and elephants, fighting tigers and scorpions, all of which I'm really looking forward to.

I think it glues many things together. And anyway, fuck it, you have to live in the jungle at some point in your life Kiss And that's not a metaphor!

The curious thing, is that of all the places I'd like to be fishing at the moment, this is top of the list. I may be gone for some time... at least unit April, but possibly very much longer - I'm really planning on putting a full-on stint into this place. It's interesting how Malaysia has gone from a winter-escape to a full-time location. I'm sure that there are other places just as wild and as good, but this is going to be my home for the foreseeable future.

White Man in Royal Belum... haha I love it! It could be a Clash song Cool

Snakehead, Gourami, Jungle Perch and Mahseer. These are my target species. The plan is to head into South Temenggor lake 6 days/week with no phone, no email, and fish fish fish. Camp on the Tinnie, cook and live aboard, day in day out, and then once per week, to leave the jungle, drive the 40km to Grik and do man-shopping of beans, wine and chillies, answer emails and upload weekly videos.

I'll be mapping the fishing on this lake. Keeping a diary, weather reports, fish locations. Gourami is untapped. No one is fishing for Mahseeer. Snakehead are like gold dust, but they are the number one quarry. JP will be nicely steamed and eaten with chillies, soy sauce and garlic. Hopefully there will be no snakes in the boat. Right now it's very hot. it rains daily and the fishing is all about to happen!

This week I have the great company of John Field, president of the American Casting Association - we'll be casting Sexyloops Hot Torpedos and go Asping together. I really like John and look forward to hanging out with him :))) Next week I'll be in Malaysia. Perfect!!!

Cheers, Tarzan