simple mayfly nymph

simple mayfly nymph

t.z. | Friday, 24 November 2017

Thanks for all the good comments on the last fridays FP about my little winter project. Some asked on how these nymphs are tied ...

SL readers wish is my order so I pointed a camera towards the action ... happy tying


Above is a little video on how to tie a simple mayfly nymph. The pattern is rather “generic”. Feel free to alter colours etc. ad lib.

Materials needed:

  • CZ grub style or straight nymph hook – I prefer hooks with “big” eyes, as mine are getting bad. Hook size 20 to 12 approximately.

  • Dyneema thread. I strongly advise this type of thread as anything else may be to weak and break easily. I avoid using glue. I hate the smell, and I believe the fish hate the smelle too. I try to solve all problems “mechanically”, like fixing the bead head for example. This requires a heavy handed tying.

  • A feather for the tail. Grey mallard works well as many other game bird feathers.

  • “Flexibody” by Virtual Nymph products. In preparation you need to cut a 2 to 3mm wide strip off the card.

  • A bead-head. I used the fancy ones by Flymen Fishing Company called NympHead. The eyes look cute on them.

  • Dubbing – I recently acquired a kit of dubbing from Jan Siman (Czechia) He has very interesting stuff for nymphs.

  • As for weight – I like the weight of this version. Should I need to fish deeper than the fly sinks I rather use a lead split-shot on the leader.