Simple and durable

Simple and durable

Viking Lars | Saturday, 21 September 2019

Traits one could wish for in every fly, and indeed anything in life when I think about it. In order to keep this to less than a Ph.D.-thesis I’ll stick to the flies. More specifically an sedge-fly I tied earlier this year.

There are two more traits that in my view are essential to a dry sedge imitation. One is the low roof-shaped wing, and the other is floatability. Might seem obvious for a dry fly, but in the case of a dry sedge, I really want the flies to float, because I like to be able to skate them - without sinking them. It’s also nice to be able to sink them, bit that’s a different fly, which I’ll cover next week - there’s a cliffhanger if there ever was one!

In terms of the floatability, in this fly I get both the low set wing and really good floatbility from the Pro Caddis Wing. The Pro Caddis Wings are made from a strange, almost paper like material, and with a very light application, it floats really. The material actually is lighter than water, but’s it’s also got a texture that greatly aids in floating the fly. Even this fly, which has no hackle and just a dubbing body floats very well.

Add to that the fact that it’s very easy and fast to tie - and very, very durable and I have everything I need in a dry sedge imitation. In this one I used the Pro Caddis Wing for both wing - obviously - and thorax cover. That of course shortens the wing, and maybe puts it just on the short side, but I like the pattern and the thorax cover splits the antennae permanently. And I believe in the antennae as a trigger. These are made from Faux Bucktail, which is nearly indestructible.

The Pro Caddis Wings are off-white out of the pack, and a wipe with a permanent marker in the desired colour imitates your local hatches perfectly. And they of course come in several different sizes to cover every relevant hook size.

I also have a CDC-version of a sedge imitation using the same material on my Instagram - take a look.

Try some - fast to tie, indestructible, floats high and long and what’s not to like.

Have a great weekend!