Paul Arden | Monday, 4 December 2017

And we will you help fix it!!!

In conjunction with the Video Manual that Sexyloops in the process of publishing (18 video lessons so far - out of an initial set of 64) - and as well as the Sexyloops Academy that we are finalising this week (it's only taken 18 years!) - I've realised it would be a great idea to offer flycasting advice to you freely on the Sexyloops Board!

If you would like for your cast to be analysed by us, then shoot some video of your casting, upload it to either Vimeo or YouTube (I'm working with on idea that we can either host it on the Sexyloops server, or possibly a Sexyloops account within Vimeo, one of which I'll organise later this month in Tasmania), join the discussion forum if you haven't already, and start a new topic and ebbed the video.

Ideally, to begin with, all we need to see is the top half of your body - your "style" as it were, and if you haven't had a formal lesson, then I would like to see how you cast at targets. For distance casting advice I would like to see your entire body, but we still don't need to see the loop. There will be a time in this process where we need to see your loops, particularly when it comes to specialist casts.

As well as Board advice what you will most probably get is a short video from me too; I've been doing this privately for years. This would be excellent because as well as the initial 64 demonstration videos that will become the core of the Video Manual, there will be an additional - as yet unknown - number of specific teaching videos. Ultimately instead of shooting new video I'll be able to say, "Watch Demonstration Video no.34, taking particular regards to Teaching Video no.24" for example.

So, to recap:

1) shoot some video of you casting. If it's accuracy casting then we need to see only the top half of your body - arm movements and so on - and no more. If it's distance then we need to see the entire body - and no more.
2) upload to YouTube or Vimeo. Alternatively if you don't have an account then you can drop box it to me -
3) if you are not currently a Board member then send me an email with your real name and username (can be the same of course)
4) there is no 4. This is Sexyloops.
5) start a new topic embedding your video - or simply link to it and we will embed it for you.

If you haven't seen the Video Flycasting Masterclass then take a look here:

It's my last couple of weeks here in Malaysia for this visit. On 13th Dec Ashly and I fly to Perth, Australia for a long weekend with my good friend Graeme Hird. On Dec 18th we fly to Tasmania where Ashly will stay for one month and I will stay for two months.

We will be living at Hairy's "Hare's Lair", shack, close to the shores of the Great Lake in Miena. There will be fishing, casting, getting lost (see SLTV1 if you don't believe me!), blues and great times! Flavio the Snakehead King will also be joining us for the first month too, so we're putting the band back together as it were.

I'll be back in Malaysia on the 23rd February, just in time for the "Springtime" in the jungle and lots of Snakehead-on-Babies fishing. I will be officially setting up a guiding business here in Malaysia shortly My prices will initially be 1000RM for the day (one person max). We also have a spare boat that you can rent separately for 500RM per day, not including petrol. Assuming that we have a houseboat by then, which is the plan, then we will charge an additional 500RM/night/per person which includes food but not booze.

500RM is approx 100GBP. Included in my day's guiding package (1000RM) is a one-hour fly casting lesson. The fishing day starts at 6.45 (first light) and finishes at 19.45 (dark). You will, no doubt, have watched some of the videos and so you will know that Belum/Temenggor is an incredibly challenging fishing, where a One Fish Day is what you are trying to achieve.

It is possible to catch more than one fish (I frequently do of course) but it's most likely that you will need to learn how to make the incredibly difficult pressure-casting shots that are required here. So, as you can see, it takes a very special sort of angler to enjoy this incredible fishery. Do not count on Lady Luck to help you through either, because only the very best flycasters here get lucky! Come looking to learn, expect to catch nothing the first time around, and I can promise you that you will have one of the most amazing trips of your lifetime, on perhaps the world's most rewarding fly fishery.

My objective is to teach YOU how to fish for these fish by yourself - or with a friend. This will allow you to experience days fishing by yourself, as I have done, and then you can overnight with us as guests on our "luxury" houseboat. Which is a great plan - not least because it means that I get to fish too!

I hope to see some of you out here soon.

Have a wonderful week everyone and I look forward to analysing your casting videos.

Cheers, Paul


Paul Arden is the fly rod designer for Sexyloops and has been fly fishing for over 35 years and teaching fly fishing and fly casting for more than 20 years. Paul has extensively fished for trout in Europe, New Zealand, Australia and North America and for the past 25 years has been fly fishing more than 300 days every year. He currently lives in the North Malaysian jungle, fly fishing and guiding for Giant Snakehead and Giant Gourami. A competition caster, he has reached the finals in the World Championships in 5-weight distance on three occasions, winning a Bronze medal last year. Paul has appeared on Discovery Channel in the USA co-hosting a fly fishing programme shot in New Zealand. He is full-time manager of the Sexyloops website and brand. Websites: and

Paul's "Jungle Fishing Sponsors" are RIO fly lines: PowerFilm Solar: Lawson Hammocks: and of course he fished the Sexyloops brand of fly rods; The Hot Torpedo.