Short trip to Austria

Short trip to Austria

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 16 September 2018

One shop in Germany had a flytying competition with awesome prices to win in spring, lucky me I got the first price what means a 3 day license for 2 persons in Austria at the river steyrische Salza. It was a long drive and it seems like we're lost somewhere in the mountains but it was worth it. The part of the river in that license was quite short but holds some nice pools with a nice amount of fish. I've fished with my favorite "heavy-as-hell" nymph to reach the bottom of the big pools and got some nice grayling...


Additional the small lake was also included and there is was like in an aquarium...  You could see fish crusing around in the shallow water and dissapering in the deep pools. A few times I was nearly falling from the belly boat because I was so fascinated of the fish under my feet. 

Mi husband had a browntrout in colors I've never seen before: 


And I was lucky to catch even some char beside a lot of browns and rainbows:


A hell a lot of fun in this small paradise and the funniest storie about a nice rainbow will follow in my next post! Have a fishful weekend!