Shooting Heads

Shooting Heads

Viking Lars | Saturday, 2 May 2015

I have a lot of shooting heads, and it's no secret that I'm a big advocate of using them - and that it's a big misconception that they're for distance casting only. I use them a lot - and I have lot too. I have several shooting heads for all my rods - from my 4-wts to my 15' 10-weight.

I have shooting heads in many densities - the reason being obvious, and although maybe 20% of the lines see 85% of the use, I still love to be able to change tactics in a matter of seconds (well, yes, if there's enough of them - minutes then).

Even though most Scandinavian flyfishers have several lines for severeal of their rods, I often see that people are hesitant (or too lazy) to actually change shooting heads when on the water. It takes but a few minutes, and it's not more difficult than changing a fly or attaching a new leader.

Fishing depth is often the main consideration when changing shooting heads in my fishing. When salmon fishing in Denmark for instance, it's nessecary to fish deep, and many rivers change a lot, and so it's nessecary to change lines. I like swinging the fly just above the weeds, sometimes touching it. If I need to go just a little deeper or higher to cover a run, or a good neck of a pool, I'll adapt the speed of the swing accordingly (retrieving a little to fish a little higher, or slow the swing to fish a little deeper).

But I often change lines when fishing - not only for salmon, but also when fishing the salt for sea trout, or lakes, or .... I usually bring the whole arsenal for the rod(s) I have with me - whereever/whatever I'm fishing. I'll often leave most lines in the car, and just stick an extra line or two in the vest if I know the conditions. If I'm fishing new water, I make sure I bring lines to cover any eventuality I encounter.

With Skagit lines it's even easier - all you need to change is the tip, and the same goes for the magnificent Rio Scandi VersiTip Short, which is fast becoming a favourite line for salmon in Denmark (I just need to convince Simon G. to produce my own custommade version for single handed rods :-).

Have a great weekend - and remember to switch lines!