Shaman/witch drum story behind rod and sock

Shaman/witch drum story behind rod and sock

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 25 September 2020

Today Satu has written FP. She will open little bit story behind sock, drum and rod. Her rod is HT6 no 119, Lady Shaman. I want to thank Paul and Lee about filling all the request about rod and sock. Thanks mates.

The Witch’s Drum has been used as an implement for the ceremonies of the northern peoples. During the sessions, the shamans called for the help of the spirits by beating on the drum with the reindeer bone hammer until they fell into a trance. During the trance, the shaman wandered the Underworld, where the dead provided advice for solving a problem. The top of the drum skin shows the sky, the centre is earth or earth-bound life, and the lower part illustrates the underworld, the life underground. Using the symbols on the drum skin, the shamans were able to make predictions. Each symbol on the drum has its own special meaning.

Before drumming, the shaman would place a die on the drum skin that was either a small piece of reindeer bone or a brass ring. When drumming, the die bounced across the skin of the drum. Using these symbols, the shaman could predict the future. He was also given help with healing sicknesses.

The shaman was a healer. The word shaman originates from the Siberian Evenki Tribe word “saman”, that means knowledge and vision. Shamanism is a traditional and ancient way of taking care of natural spiritual and physical welfare. A person aspiring to become a shaman had to be prepared for self-sacrifice and to help people unselfishly. The shaman’s aid is the drum. Healing involves rituals comprising chanting and the use of various natural powers provided by objects such as stones and feathers.

The witch’s drum is made from wood and reindeer skin. The drum is handmade and each drum is unique. The reindeer hide has been dyed by hand and no two drums are the same. The drum hammer is made from reindeer antler and a piece of reindeer hide.

The drum will reward the owner only if it is well taken care of. The drum is an instrument like any other, but it is best used as background rhythm for tales, groups, and for creating atmosphere. Only a consecrated drum has magic powers.



My drum, I have made it myself, with a help of a lady who has made these drums over 25 years.

In the center of my drum there is reindeer, because it is my spiritual animal and also my favourite. There is also these lines, they are a symbol of the many rivers and lakes we have here. And of course in the rivers and lakes we have lots of fish. On top of the drum, there is a holy peaceful place with a symbol of a fish. That symbol shows my passion for fishing, and how much I enjoy especially flyfishing.



I started flyfishing thirteen years ago when I met my husband. The first summer I was very bad, and didn´t really catch anything. But I loved that feeling when you have your rod in your hand and you step in to the river or lake, you forget everything else. Only thing in your mind is what you are doing with your rod, which fly you should use and how you could get the fly in that perfect place where you know there could be a fish.

For me nature is the most important thing. That is where we get everything, and if we forget that, it can be taken away from us. So every time I go fishing, the first thing before I even take my rod, is to thank the river or lake. And the last thing ,when I have finished fishing and before I but my rod away, is to thank the river or lake again.

Last christmas I didn`t get any present from my husband. He said he has a suprise, but I would have to wait, because he has ordered the present and they have not made that yet.

This summer has been totally different, very busy and lots of work. And things chancing, because of everything going on in the world. I have had a chance to go fishing only two times, very short trips in whole summer.

Then my christmas present finally arrived. My husband was very excited when the package arrived. I could see it was very important for him, that I would like the gift. I have seen his sexyloop rod. And even I don't really understand so much about the fishing rods, I was little bit jealous of his rod when he got it. So to see my present was my very own, signed Lady Shaman sexyloop rod, I couldn`t be happier.

We didn`t have any holiday this summer, and to be able to take couple days off in autumn, was everything we needed. And to go north Finland was something I had waited a lot.

And when we were there, on a river which runs wild between the Lappish giants, a beautiful day and with the amazing colours of autumn, I took my very own Sexyloop rod, Lady Shaman and consecrated it for me. After our trip to north, it was time to put my fishing gears already in storage because fishing season is ending here and winter is coming quite soon.

Now I only hope next summer will come soon, because me and Lady Shaman have lot of new places and adventures coming.


Satu Palosaari

Lady Shaman

Kuusamon Noita


Ps. Satu made longer and more accurate cast than ever before. I can still see smile on her face while standing on the rock in middle of river. It is awesome companion to her. Rod has measure 35, 40, 50 and 60 cm. Dots (luminous) to see it on dark and also getting parts right.