Sexyloops Malaysia

Sexyloops Malaysia

Paul Arden | Monday, 28 December 2015

I've been running a bar on and off for the past month. It doesn't actually pay any money, sort of covers costs of being here and I've been looking into placing a bit more of a foothold in Malaysia. The interesting thing about running a resort bar is that you get to meet many interesting people, for example I met some immigration officers a few weeks ago... and got some excellent advice on staying longer and possibly setting up a Sexyloops business arm here in Malaysia. And the option has come up to buy the bar!

Let's see a bar, a house boat with accommodation, a couple more boats, another barman, a fishing guide or two and a business VISA... this could be an interesting plan! But - and there is always a but - it would need to be set up in such a way that it can take care of itself for long periods when I'm not here. Still it's something interesting to think about over the next couple of months. Time to do some detailed research I think.

It's always been my plan to have 6 or 7 homes around the world offering fishing, teaching, guiding and accommodation. The nice thing about the concept is that I could rotate guides around the world to keep things interesting for them fishing-wise. I only hope I live a long life, because at the current rate I'll be 1000 years old by the time this has all happened!

This should be an interesting year for Sexyloops Hungary, I doubt I'll have my accommodations finished until later in the season, but we do have some excellent local accommodation, and I'm currently taking bookings for the 2017 season. I have Asp fishing and some technical Trout fishing on the doorstep as well as Bosnia being reasonably close. Autumn in particular is a very special time for both fishing as well as the first Latohegy Mermaid Wine harvest. I'll be back in Europe in March to take Peter fishing while his wife has a baby. We'll be smoking cigars and doing Manshit.

Over the next few weeks I'll have the Sexyloops PRO Instructor Scheme in place. We have over 100 instructors who have Hot Torpedo rods. If you're one of these great guys and would like a Sexyloops listing then please get in touch (although I will be getting in touch with you very shortly anyway because I have an exciting offer for you too!). This is the year it all happens!

Here in Malaysia the days all roll into one, but I hear down the Furmint Grapevine that New Year is afoot... so allow me to be the first to say that I hope you had a fantastic 2016 and all the very best for 2017! I hope we meet and fish together somewhere soon.