sexyloops fly tying school part 30 - tying lifecycles

sexyloops fly tying school part 30 - tying lifecycles

t.z. | Friday, 13 May 2016

I believe that understanding the lifecycle of water insects makes you a better fly-fisher ... and it is fun ... I really feel much more "in the zone" when understanding what is going on and why I can observe certain feeding behaviour of the fish.

There is not shortage of information. All is available via books, museums (kids love good museums by the way), videos, the "net" and so on. Try to soak in as much as possible and make small sketches on paper to grasp the essentials of the various stages of a water insect.

Armed with that information ypu can than sit behind the vice and try to imitate what you have soaked up. Try to "interprete" artistically. You can either go very "realistic", or take a rather impressionistic approach. That is entirely up to you. Just make sure you follow the chosen path through in all forms. You can even go as far as limiting yourself to a few materials.

For obvious reasons I have not included examples. The models are out in nature, and well documented too. So try your own apporach and use the techniques you have learned in the tying sequences we did in the SFTS.  

I am certain you will learn a lot from that excercise.

Please take pictures and post them on the forum. I am really curious what you guys come up with.

picture by Al Pyke 

Thomas Züllich, or - “t.z.” as most call him - is a German flyfisher & flytier living in Norway. His flydressing is based on old traditions as well as very modern and innovative methods of creating flies. You can book Thomas for guided trips, flytying classes and presentations. He regularly gives speeches and demonstrations at fly fishing fairs. Thomas is member of the ProTeam at Partridge of Redditch as well as Regal Vises.

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