sexyloops fly tying focus - holy shop-o-flies

sexyloops fly tying focus - holy shop-o-flies

t.z. | Friday, 20 January 2017

world domination .... shameless promotion of one of the most stupid ideas of the year ... apart from voting for the clown with the orange wig maybe. You people really let this guy take the oval office ? ... crazy shit man.

Anyway - this is even more crazy - Paul forced me to sell flies ...

the holy shop-o-flies


Hi Paul, Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to talk to you. Please allow me to ask a few questions.  

Please explain why you want to enslave me to tie flies for other people?  

Thanks Thomas. I am thinking that proper flies and world domination have a close connection. We, the monarchial we - sexyloops - design the best graphite sticks on this planet - heck - maybe the whole universe. However, the fluff at the end of those sexy-loops needs to be at least as sexy.

Wow, cool. I am talking to a person on the other side of the planet and he is having similar views I have. Even though I am sitting in snow&ice (outside, not in my drink) and his highness  is having tropical climate. Maybe a bit too tropical, but never-mind.

Well, simply put, flyfisher´s can not buy the flies they really need. The majority of the flies are offered are - excuse my language - utter crap. The hooks are way too weak and the tying isn´t as nearly as ... hm - well - I almost said fucked up - but heck. That doesn't´t cut it. Well, you know what I mean. These normal flies all look like bankers in suits. Not cool.

Interesting …. I start to see the connection. 

Exactly. The flies need to land on the water in an intriguing way, behave sexy on top of or in the water column and so on .… and we need to be able to cast them really far, but yet precisely. So aerodynamics do play a role as well. The materials need to be bio-eco-logical and make sense.

I start to understand that sexyloopers have to tie their flies themselves ... 

Yeah, maybe eventually, but they need something in the meantime. So I thought since you are just sitting in dark, dark Norway and have nothing else to do ... well ... you know -- just whip up a few and sell them.

Ok, (I assume no-one will actually order so I can safely say yes) Yeah, Paul, brilliant. Fab idea. Them sexyloop-people can just order flies and use SL2017 as discount voucher code when ordering at and get 10% OFF - no worries.

Thanks Thomas. That sounds like a tremendous idea.

…. and that is how Paul enslaved me. Anyway - I will not make Klinkhamers. They are - well - I think a Hares Emerger works at least 10 times better, and on top I need to have at least two "White Russians" before I am motivated enough to tie such a thing. 


The sexyloops fly tying focus, hosted by t.z. 

The goal is to show the different approaches to fly tying around the globe 
(we believe in that the world is a globe actually)

... sharing and learning from each other - these are the key words.
Most of the tiers will are active on the sexyloops forum - "the board" - so join the very open
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Thomas Züllich, or - “t.z.” as most call him - is a German flyfisher & flytier living in Norway.

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