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Service Announcement

Viking Lars | Saturday, 20 August 2016

If you like to fish salmon - and if you're up for a little quick trip, then I'd recommend visiting Denmark. We have four prime salmon rivers in Western Jutland, and there are plenty of salmon right not and only few fishermen.

I've talked about the Danish success story before, where almost by accident it was discovered that original salmon strain still survived in these four, western Danish rivers (Ribe, Varde, Skjern and StorĂ¥ rivers), and since then, a lot of work has gone into stocking plans (yes, they're still stocked to help maintain a populations) and physical restoration of the rivers and tributaries.

All of them hold healthy populations of sea trout as well, so there's actually plenty of possibilities for a good fish.

Late summer and early autumn fishing is generally good as the grilse will have entered the different systems now and they tend to disrupt the order of the river somewhat, so lots of fish move around, fight for good holding spots and move further upstream in general.

If you have questions, drop me a line and I'll help - day- and week tickets are cheap and accomodation usually also affordable, but can be hard to get if you want something really close to the rivers. If you're willing to drive 15-20 minutes, it's easy.

Have a great weekend!


PS - sorrt about the opening title of the video, I obviusly forgot to type something :-).