September is new August

September is new August

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 10 September 2021

Months are passing by, it is September now. Weather has been great for fishing. Sunny days with not so much wind, at least in the mornings. Sunday I went to check spot for Monday’s guiding trip. I haven’t been able to be there since there was heavy storm in July and lot of forest was going down and road was blocked. It is also river which I like to fish and guide during the autumn, not crowded and good fishing.

Water level was higher than ever before on this time of year. Area was still looking good, just wading was more difficult. I was counting how many graylings I got, I just lost number after about 15 graylings, which I got during the first hour. Spot was same which has always been generous. I kept fishing and got totally about 40 graylings during the fishing, mostly nymphing but also with dries. It was great day off to me and getting ready for Monday’s trip.

Monday was good fishing even there was not so many fish hooked. My guests had all the possible gears and he was beginner about flyfishing. He had basics about casting and had good sense about water. He just needed little push for water reading and casting. Fishing techniques you can learn only when fishing. We had really enjoyable day around flyfishing. He caught some graylings, weight on word ”some” as he would say.

We started with different nymphing and wet fly techniques and in the afternoon little bit dry fly fishing. Weather was not really on our side with dry flies, still he caught some and got feeling about how that will go.

Rest of the week I was building some reindeer round-up fence with other reindeer herders. Autumn is coming and we need to be ready for round-up season. Coming weekend and today weather is awesome, frosty nights, warm sunny days…. perfect for autumn grayling fishing. Friday and Saturday I can’t go fishing, I have group of hunters and I need to guide them, just terrain etc, they know how to do hunting. Sunday looks also good and I try to steal some time for fishing trip again.

September is new August, fishing is still great and some hatching going on still.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika from Finland