Second Prize

Second Prize

Tracy&James | Sunday, 6 December 2020

Hopefully I won’t ever have another fishing year like this one, it’s been dismal for the obvious reason. I’ve only caught two species of fish this year, grayling and brown trout and these have come from just one river, the Welsh Dee. I have had some very enjoyable trips, but nowhere near the number that I would normally have due to movement restrictions for a large part of the year. From here on in the opportunities for fishing can also be patchy as the river is up and down like a yo-yo, the weather is rarely settled for more than a few days at a time.

With the weekend fishing very much determined by the gauge height on the river, I’ve decided to start fly tying.  I’m very much hoping that Tracy and I will get somewhere tropical next year, but at the moment we’re not confident enough to book anything (because we travel ‘independently’ there’s no ABTA insurance to fall back on if a trip is forced to be cancelled).  As we didn’t get away this year our fly boxes were not depleted as they normally are over the course of a month’s fishing, however I don’t think there’s a fly angler out there who complains about having too many flies, so I’ll crack on.  First up may be shark flies – I always put these off because, to be honest, I’m rubbish at tying them.  Usually I get something that I’m mildly satisfied with after half a dozen monstrosities have left my vice.

Just a quick update on the PULD competition; firstly a big thank you to those who have entered to date, there are some huge casts flying down court.  Secondly, a huge call-out to Bernt Johansson who has taken pity on us casting mortals and offered a fantastic prize for the runner-up position – a day’s fishing with Bernt in Northern Sweden, accommodation in a camper van or a tent, food prepared by a world champion (caster, not chef – but I’m sure it will be excellent) and beer.  Currently TC is holding second place, but I’m sure others will be out trying to beat him.  First prize is a day’s fishing in North Wales, accommodation, a home cooked meal and a pub crawl – however I think Bernt may have that one sewn-up as he leads by over 8ft.  

Have a great week, James.