Sea trout on Gotland

Sea trout on Gotland

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 6 May 2015

I am just back from a great fishing trip to Gotland, Sweden. Gotland is a beautiful island in the Swedish Baltic Sea offering 800 Km of coast presenting coastal nature at its best. I was teaching strategies on Sea trout as well as fly casting and fly tying all in focus of catching Sea trout.

During the first days the water temperature was a tad too cold caused by several weeks of northern winds coming from Swedish Lapland just before the trip. In such conditions many Sea trout are often in a no feeding mood making it harder to catch them. Indeed we got several strikes without hooking them and in addition lost quite some proper fish seconds after hooking them. During the second half of the trip we got pretty warm air temperature and thus leading to an increase in water temperature, too. Sea trout started to feed more regularly and got into a better striking mood. We managed to catch some proper fish. As I wrote in my last front page about tactics on Sea trout I focused on catching a big and silver one. That means I took into account to fish a strategy not being the most successful one for the smaller to medium sized Sea trout, but in my experience offering best chance of catching the one big one. It worked out and I caught (maybe) my best fish of this season.

Back home I ran straight into the next casting tuition. Tomorrow I will be a day in Berlin to meet some good friends and share some casts. On Saturday I will go on the next trip teaching to fish for Atlantic salmon in the Skjern River in Denmark. Sea trout and Atlantic salmon are still among my top five species of fish to fish for. That probably never will change!?

I hope you all will have some fishing in your schedule, too.

All my best


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