Paul Arden | Friday, 31 August 2018

It’s been and still is a busy week - ever since I announced the SL Casting Challenge I’ve been flat out - that will teach me!!! It’s good of course; had the opposite happened then I’d have gone fishing and the fishing around here is pretty crap at the moment.

Over in Malaysia, our good friend Stu is in Penang waiting to head back to NZ with a good set of eyes. I’m not sure if he nailed a Gourami in his last days but I’m thinking not - which is great news because that means he’ll be back.

Ashly - my very understanding wife - is getting ready for a two-week trip to Europe. There will be fish and a lot of fun besides!

It’s nice to be scattered around the world, however there is one thing that brings everything back together soon and it’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time now... Jungle Perch. 

Jungle Percb is a fish I’ve fished for here and there, often catching them by accident. Although sometimes on purpose. I’ve caught them on dries (often), Poppers (generally the bigger ones) and sometimes on streamers. 

Apparently the most successful technique is to fish sinking lines and smalliah streamers in 15ft of water. Nov-Jan is the time ie the Wet Season. I’ve had a few this way but I haven’t really set about them yet. But I will and I will do so soon!!! It’s my next learning curve. 

Off to Hungary next week. I have to check up on my house, my cat, Peter and catch some Asp. I’ll swim lake Gyekenyes and cycle around a few times in prep for the triathlon. It’s still summer there which sounds great to me, because it’s already winter
in England!

I hope you‘re having a great week :)


PS POD is a 1.5KG JP on Irhamy‘s Terrible Termite in 2015. A great never-repeated FFing moment.