Scottish Meet

Scottish Meet

Paul Arden | Monday, 4 May 2015

We've just had another fantastic Scottish Meet. A really fantastic weekend I think with perhaps our best ever Shootout. Lots learned, some fantastic presentations and excellent company. But I only have 4% of laptop battery to tell it all! I shall be back later.... :)


OK now I'm back following a great trip around the Highlands! Lots to catch up on I see.

Anyway, we had a great Scottish Meet on the Annan, in a new location organised by Lee. Thanks Lee for a great location and making sure everyone had a bed and could find the place!!

We had I think our best ever shootout. Small in numbers but high in performance, with all the current UK team minus Tommo. Scotty did a sterling job of keeping both score and time in the rain - even with a broken and recovering back. The wind was consistent all day for everyone, which has been a first as far as I can remember. We actually had two shootouts, a Sexyloops Shootout with random gear and a team Shootout with experimental gear which was quite educational. 

For evening entertainment, Grunde discussed rod loading and Server's idea that a rod can unload without a stop, Campbell gave a presentation on beer brewing with samples Cool, Janko gave his Patagonia guiding talk, Pyko a talk on photographing, Thomas a presentation on teaching fly dressing as a modular approach (with snowshoe and carpet yarn - hooks supplied by partridge) and last but certainly not least, Scotty gave a slideshow presentation on Exmouth, Australia.

For daytime entertainment, Mark Stoats gave a casting/teaching demo with common garden vegetables, Lee on contrived Spey Casting, Ben on Speys and I discussed streamer fishing with buggers and bunnies. I think everyone had a fantastic time - I certainly hope so! It was great to have new guys, Thomas, Nils and Joanna attending in addition to the regulars.

I will add photos to the Picofday spring series and catch up now with the Highlands trip!

Cheers, Paul