Salmon Season

Salmon Season

Viking Lars | Saturday, 14 April 2018

Salmon season opening is around the corner - in fact, on Monday the 16th. I look forward to it although I can't fish on the very opening this year. I'll be out on Tuesday and it looks like the weather will be nice and I believe there are good chanced for a salmon.

I've got some friends coming up. Tmoaz and Andrej are driving up all the way from Slovenia and there will also be a group of people from Aarhus (where I live) coming down to partake. To be honest, the opening days are a bit of a circus. Even though the local club has several parking spots long the river, it's usually impossible to find a spot. Lots and lots of people along the river in the hope of connecting with a big, silvery spring salmon.

There are two quotas of salmon along the Dansh rivers - one "big" and one "small", the latter being salmon of 75cm or under, the first 75cm and over. Every year it discourages me to observe that once the big quota has been used up, there are very few fishermen along the rivers. Apparantly it's very important for most to be able to kill and take home a big salmon. Be that as it may...

This winter I've managed to 1 (yes, one) salmon fly for the coming season. That whole "spneding the winter tying flies for the next season" has never worked for me. I tie flies *in* the season, where I need them, when I use up the ones I like the best, when I get the ideas and inspiration to tie and try new patterns.

The first fly I'll swim in Tuesday is the one in the PoD - one I call the SpeyRay. It's basically a short tube, a little flash and dubbing, a long, sparse wing (hence the Sunray Shadow-reference) and a spey hackle. Two actually - dyed black ringned pheasant and peacock nect feather. The fly is unbelieveably mobile in the current, partly thanks to the Pro Sportfisher Ultra Sonic Disc. There's bit of weight under the dressing too. This happens to be the one fly I managed to tie this winter. I tied one as last season was coming to a close that I fished with once before losing it to a snag. Long, slender and black is a good combination for salmon anywhere in the world.

Good times are ahead!

Have a great weekend!