rushing before summer

rushing before summer

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 28 May 2021

Gravel roads are in really bad shape, some even impossible to drive with normal car. Rivers are running in the forest now so there is heavy flood. Graylings are spawning and I’m trying to get things done before season is starting. This is last sign that spring is turning summer.

Last weekend there was lot of raining and some snowing, really shitty weather.  I was finalizing shed I started during the winter and did some reindeer herding in the rain with ATV and dog. This week I have been renewing our fire place, even it is mostly use in wintertime, I want that one be about done before summer.

I do have 2 hechtars field which is almost done, (need some rock picking still).  Anyway snow is gone, lakes are free from ice and there is shade of green coming to trees. It is finally turning to summer. Next week I will show some spots to guide who is coming from southern Finland with boat. Our target will be pike and perch from the lake. I hope that I have some good story to write next week. I’m looking forward that test fishing session.

Season is opening first of June and Friday I will have group coming so I have to do some research by myself also, mostly because roads and flood.

Every fucking year it is same thing, first you can’t do nothing and then when you can, everything has to be done at same time. I have some fences to fix also during next two weeks so days will go with that and fishing.

As he said in movie: ”yipiyaikee mother fucker, it is finally summer”

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the Legend