Rügen cancelled

Rügen cancelled

Viking Lars | Saturday, 14 January 2017

My friend, Daniel D Holm and myself had a trip planned to fish baltic, brackish water pike on Rügen next weekend. Unfortunately we had to cancel as the weather forecast turned and promised subzero temperatures in the week leading up to and over the weekend.

And none of us really felt like spending a weekend in the pontoon boat knocking ice of the oars, so we cancelled. We even had made arragenments with Bernd and I was looking forward to fishing with Bernd on his home turf, but even Bernd had to cancel as he got an offer he couldn't refuse.

I usually tie a good number of flies when I visit a new destination, but (luckily?) I got a late start on some Rügen-flies, so I didn't make if that far.

I did - however - for the first time tie flies on the strangely bendy-curvy-weird-looking Texas Predator. The hook - when you tie correctly on it, almost guarantess upside-down action on the fly. In Denmark, on the island of Møn, there's also a nice brackish water pike fishery, and there, the pike prefer "small" (as in around 12-15cm flies - not +25 as I use in freshwater) and they like brown/copper/black. The water is shallow and most of the time you fish over less then 1,5m of water with heavy weed growth on the bottom.

So in thinking that I might encounter the same on Rügen, I decided to experiment with these hooks. Once you get the hang of how to tie on them (more on that on a later FP, maybe a video), you can make nice fish imitations that swim perfectly well - and upisde-down. I haven't fished them yet, but I've tested them in a small pond, and they do seim upside-down.

What remains to be seen is how well they hook as the hook point is somewhat obstructed by the hook itself and of course the dressing. Which of course is also necessary if the hook is to be as "weedless" as possible.  The particular model I've been using is the Ahrex Texas Predator PR380.

It's quite an exciting hook that I look forward to trying out for real and I hope I can find some that are suitable to smaller fish imitations for the salt as well. Weedless/USD is sometimes good!

Excuse the crappy picture, but it's what I had on had, taken with the phone under a desk lamp.

Have a great weekend!